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In Florence, TX, where tradition meets progress, your property’s appearance and functionality are key. Kenny Jean Construction Company, a proud veteran-owned business, is here to meet all your remodeling needs. Our expertise in foundation leveling, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and commercial projects sets us apart.

Remodeling services in Florence are not just a luxury; they’re essential for keeping your property up-to-date and functional. Our team provides unparalleled kitchen remodeling services, turning your culinary space into a modern, efficient area. Our bathroom remodeling services focus on creating a relaxing and stylish retreat in your home. And for Florence’s growing businesses, our commercial remodeling services are designed to enhance your workspace, reflecting your company’s brand and ethos.

As your dedicated residential foundation contractors, we understand the importance of a solid foundation for your home’s longevity and safety. We’re committed to delivering outstanding results that not only address immediate needs but also add value to your property.

Kenny Jean Construction is synonymous with trust and customer satisfaction in Florence, TX. We’re here to listen, advise, and transform your vision into reality. Plus, with our offer of free estimates, we ensure a smooth, transparent, and personalized approach to every project.

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